Version 1.29.5

Released: 2007-04-29

default 400, 401, 403 and 404 shtml pages new

Added 400, 401, 403 and 404 as default in /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/default/*.shtml.

Will apply to new resellers when they're created and copied to /home/reseller/domains/default/*.shtml along with everything else in the tempates/default directory (index.html and logo.gif).

option to not send warning emails for bandwidth/quotas new

option in the directadmin.conf to not send warning emails for bandwidth/quotas.

Used if you don't want to have DA send them a message when they reach 75% bandwidth or 100% disk usage. Will also stop reseller warnings (80%bw)


is the default. Note if this setting is not in the directadmin.conf, then this default is used.

To turn of warning emails, set:


and restart DA.

confirmation on email account Delete new

When the Delete button, a popup will ask:

Are you sure you want to Delete the selected accounts?

This code was intserted into the submit button:

onClick='return confirm("Are you sure you want to Delete the selected accounts?");'

Added a global token: USERAFTP

Value wil be either: ON or OFF







webapps is now a reserved username new

The php programs in /var/www/html will be chowned to the user "webapps" for new installs, or when the sh script for updates for that program is run. This is so that suPhp won't choke on the root owned files.

This also means that we need to make sure no other user uses that name, so it's now declared as reserved. If you have a user account named webapps, it will need to be renamed. You can use the script:


to do so.

option to use BETA custombuild script at install time new

If you wish to have apache 2.2 and php 5 installed by default at install time, using CustomBuild 1.1, type:

echo "1.1" > /root/.custombuild

If you wish to have apache 2.2 and php 6 installed by default at install time, using CustomBuild 1.2, type:

echo "1.2" > /root/.custombuild

prior to running the

This is a temporary flag for the script to run the script instead and will be removed at a later time once the new script is incorportated by default.

Note that frontpage does not exists in apache 2.2.

Frontpage will exist in the new script with the apache 1.3 options (options available in future releases of the installer once tested, can be changed post install to 1.3 if you with to use the new script)

Please direct any support issues with this to the forum

and not to email, as this is in beta.

If you run into problems with the install with this option, simply delete the file:

rm -f /root/.custombuild

and then run the again.

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change mysql user suspension to change password, not permission fixed

change mysql user suspension to chagne password, not permission.

It current disables all permissions which returns the permissions all to Y which may not be what was previously set.

This change will use a method similar to the unix style password suspension of simply changing the first character of the crypt. Since mysql has a capped character length for passwords, and this length is always hit, we cannot just add a character to the begging of the password. We can't however change the first character to something else. A set of rules will be used instead.

For mysql 4, the first character is always a number 0-9.

We'll replace them with letters, A-J for suspended users.

Mysql 5 starts off the passwords with a *.

The * will be replaced with ! for suspended accounts.

With this ruleset, we can go to a suspended state and back without losing any data.

In the script, this command will be run:

echo "action=convert&value=suspendedmysql" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

This command is extremely important to be run (it should be done automatically for you).. because it's converting how a mysql user is suspended. Failure to do so will end up in a unsuspension not working correctly.

Running this command multiple times will not hurt the data.

IMPORTANT backups create with 1.29.4 or earlier that hold suspended users (users that are to be suspended upon restoration) will not work correctly as they are. It's highly advised that you create a new set of user backups after upgrading to this version of DirectAdmin.

If you run into the problem where you forgot or didn't know you needed to create a new set of backups, don't worry, no data is lost. Mysql users simply won't have access privileges onto their databases. This can be fixed by running the mysql command:

UPDATE mysql.db SET Alter_Priv='Y', Select_priv='Y', Insert_priv='Y', Update_priv='Y', Delete_priv='Y', Create_priv='Y', Drop_priv='Y', Index_priv='Y';

Which will set ALL mysql users to have access to their own databases. Only use this if you have no other option. Should a user have actually wanted some of these settings set to N, then they'll be set to Y, so be aware of that.

Note that if you have no suspended users in backup files, this does not apply to you. If the user was active (not suspended) at the time he was baced up, you're not affected.

admin level backup: cant open username.tar.gz fixed

Can't open /home/tmp/admin/user.tar.gz

when using the admin level backup with the ftp upload is caused by the old naming format of the backup with ftp when user.admin.username.tar.gz should be used intead.

segfault in log viewer for non-existent file fixed

If you try and view a file that doesn't exist on your system, DA segfaults.

Added correct checks for null pointer.

forgot password feature to support multiple emails fixed

The lost password feature is quite strict with data being used.

It checks to make sure that all values are valid.

The User's email value can be in the form:,

which doesn't follow a standard "single" email format,hence it failed.

This fix parses out each email from the email= value in the user.conf and sends copies of all notifications to all emails in the list.

log usage showed 0 fixed

The log disk usage was showing zero.

Typo using = instead of a += which was resetting the count to zero.

system username was not able to be used as a forwarder. fixed

Changes in the form checking had omitted the allowance of an existing forwarder when its value was the DA username. Fix allows it.

Warn user when uploading over quotas in filemanager fixed

Added checks that will warn user if the filesize saved is less than the filesize that was uploaded.

Also add a warning post all uploads if the user is over quota at the end.

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