Version 1.645

Released: 2022-11-17

Integrated CustomBuild GUI evolution custombuild new

Evolution skin now has integrated CustomBuild GUI. It is no longer a plug-in, but a native feature of Evolution.

Improvements over the plug-in version:

  • Interface works faster
  • Improved custom version and custom compile options editing support
  • CustomBuild logs section now show all logs including CustomBuild output when called from CLI
  • It is possible to return and attach to the output of running CustomBuild to follow the logs even after navigating away
  • It is possible to follow the CustomBuild logs from GUI when command is started from CLI

New DirectAdmin installations will not install CustomBuild plugin by default anymore.

TTL override for whole zone evolution new

New action in the DNS page allows changing TTL for all records in the zone.

TTL override modal TTL override action link

Periodic dataskq logs in journalctl improved

Periodic runs of dataskq on systemd capable systems now send their logs to syslog by default. Since dataskq is being run by the main directadmin service shared logs are available using journalctl command.

Task processor is also updated to always emit what task is being processed to the logs.

Example in systemd journal:

# journalctl -u directadmin -f
Oct 27 18:53:20 dataskq[692]: starting dataskq task     task=action=vacation

Example when running from CLI:

# da taskq --run="action=tally&value=all"
2022/10/28 12:31:14  info starting dataskq task     task=action=tally&value=all

Accurate time for user vacation messages evolution improved

Evolution vacation message setting page is updated allowing to specify an exact time when vacation messages should be turned on and off.

Key advantage of this change is that time values are now specified using client local time rather than server time (time zone).

Old behaviour was a selector from a pre-defined vacation times - morning, afternoon and evening. Pre-defined times were evaluated using server time and caused unexpected behaviour for clients that live in locations using different time zone than one configured on the DA server.

API access with basic auth and long passwords improved

A hard limit of maximum password length for API access using basic auth is increased from 64 bytes to 256 bytes.

Accurate server time in Create Cron Job page evolution improved

Page for creating new cron job now shows accurate live server time. Since cron job rules uses server clock to trigger execution it is important to be able to see if user local time matches the server time.

In previous versions this page used to show stale server time, updated version shows always up to date server time.

Nginx unit log added to logs.list improved

Nginx unit log was added to the logs.list for the admin to view via GUI.

No longer needed geoipupdate, libmaxmind and lua custombuild improved

CustomBuild code has been cleaned up not to use geoipupdate, libmaxmind and lua compiled components. Lua is still installed from OS repositories on RHEL-based systems.

cURL and ClamAV from OS repositories custombuild improved

CustomBuild auto-offers updates of cURL, ClamAV from OS repositories. ClamAV compilation started to require rust-toolset and more tools, as we would not like to auto-install a lot of additional stuff to compile it. Compiled cURL default was set to "no" for a long time, and OS managed cURL is modern enough for other components.

Messages about EOL software custombuild improved

CustomBuild sends automatic messages on every update of DirectAdmin to Message System about EOL software used and offers to update to newer versions.

  • suPHP - support will be dropped on 2023-01-01
  • mod_ruid2 - support will be dropped on 2023-01-01
  • mod_php - support will be dropped on 2023-01-01
  • MySQL 5.5, 5.6 - support will be dropped on 2023-04-01
  • MariaDB 5.5, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 - support will be dropped on 2023-04-01

Single download mirror custombuild improved

CustomBuild has set_fastest, set_fastest_quiet, unofficial_mirrors and downloadmirror options removed. It always uses from now on, which is served by CloudFlare and uses CDN.

CustomBuild cronjob run by main binary custombuild improved

CustomBuild cronjob is dropped from using cron service and is now being handled and run by main DirectAdmin binary instead.

CustomBuild version updates custombuild improved

  • jailshell from 0.6 to 0.7
  • wp-cli from 2.6.0 to 2.7.1
  • exim_conf from 4.5.42 to 4.5.43
  • igbinary from 3.2.7 to 3.2.12
  • imagemagick from 7.1.0-50 to 7.1.0-52
  • MariaDB 10.3 from 10.3.36 to 10.3.37
  • MariaDB 10.4 from 10.4.26 to 10.4.27
  • MariaDB 10.5 from 10.5.17 to 10.5.18
  • MariaDB 10.6 from 10.6.10 to 10.6.11
  • PHP 7.4 from 7.4.32 to 7.4.33
  • PHP 8.0 from 8.0.25 to 8.0.26
  • PHP 8.1 from 8.1.12 to 8.1.13
  • PHP 8.2 from 8.2.0RC5 to 8.2.0
  • proftpd from 1.3.7e to 1.3.8
  • Ioncube loaders from 12.0.2 to 12.0.4

When admin account creates a new user it bypasses the check_subdomain_owner check (it is used when accounts are created by resellers). However at some later user creation stage this check was repeated without the admin account being exempt from it. This lead to potential user creation failures when admin account was creating a new user with a domain that would fail check_subdomain_owner validation.

Issue is fixed by exempting admin accounts from this check through full user creation process.

Git repository clone over SSH without key fixed

Git feature required to always provide a path to SSH key for repositories cloned over SSH. Leaving key file field empty returned obscure error message.

This update allows keeping SSH key file field empty, in that case a default ~/.ssh/id_rsa or key from SSH config file will be used.

Language change in Evolution not always saved in user.conf fixed

When user changes preferred language it is getting stored in user.conf, but due to a bug it would not always be stored in the config file. This issue is fixed and language change in Evolution will always be reflected in the user.conf file. DNS check rework fixed

When trying to issue a certificate using, the request would fail if there was a network issue between the server and Google DNS. This issue is fixed by adding additional fallback logic to Cloudflare DNS, if there was an issue accessing Google DNS

DNSSEC page accessible from user level evolution fixed

Admin and reseller users were able to access DNSSEC creation page from their user level when user_dnssec_control=0. This in turn would throw an error from the backend side. With this release, when user_dnssec_control=0 the page is inaccessible to all users (regardless of role).

High CPU usage graph overflow evolution fixed

In the CPU pressure statistics on the Resource limits page, the average CPU load values were multiplied by 100 times. As a result, the CPU load figures were above and out of the maximum range. In this version, the multiplication of CPU load values has been removed.

Malformed comment line in mysqld startup file custombuild fixed

Mysqld startup script had a missing # symbol for a comment causing surplus error messages to be shown on mysql startup.

Removed support for phpMyAdmin 4 custombuild removed

Support for phpMyAdmin 4 has been dropped.

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