Version 1.60.3

Released: 2020-02-09

Updates to attempt retries and larger read buffer new

Change to the code that downloads the update.tar.gz, and license.key files.

Code changed to use a larger 4096 sized buffer, and makes use of the Content-Length header to confirm the size.

The md5 checks are still done.

Should there be an md5sum error, the code has also been changed to try that same download controller (usually up to 3 times, before moving onto the next controller.

Each controller typically gives out a random Location redirect, but at a minimum, even if the random value is the same, it will still attempt to do another download of the update.tar.gz file.

For the release of 1.60.2, there were 2 reports of the "md5sum mismatch from header X-md5" errors, but after investigation,

it was found that the .tar.gz files in this case were correct on the mirrors, and the issue was likely a simple mid-stream disconnect, so the size-check should help detect that.


Once you have these newer binaries:

Compile time: Feb 8 2020 at ~14:46:30+

Then you'll be able to get more info about downloads, if you're having issues.

This is handy if you need to send us a support request.

You can force DA to update again, even if you're already at the latest version.

Debug 220 is specific to the Update class.

The task.queue.cb is used so that no other operations are run, making the debug cleaner, but requires the --custombuild flag passed to the dataskq.

cd /usr/local/directadmin

echo 'action=update&value=program&force=yes' >> data/task.queue.cb; ./dataskq d220 --custombuild

Better filtering with Mailing List (SECURITY) fixed

Improved filtering on mailing list forms.

Credit: Bartosz Kwitniewski

Evolution: DNS Manager: A/AAAA recreation fixed

Issue with A/AAAA creation in the Evolution skin. Bug introduced in 1.60.2.

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