Version 1.11.0

Released: 2003-06-25

Ability to change a User's IP new

Many people have requested the ability to change a User's IP. This is very useful when a customer want an upgraded account to have its own static IP, as well when a User wishes to have his own SSL certificate.

Skins makers will need to add the |IPS| token in the CMD_MODIFY_USER with hidden values: action=ip and user=|user|, method=post to CMD_MODIFY_USER

Method: POST

Performance enhancement: does a check to see if data has change before writing new

Each time a user requests a page, his config files are read, the command is executed then the config files are written, in the assumption that something has changed. Most of the time, nothing has changed so a check to see if:

  • the contents in memory have changed

  • the last write time of the file has is different from when it was read

will deteremine if the file needs to be written.

outlook .reg file for pop accounts new

Feature to add the outlook registry files to add a pop account. This will save hosts having to answer support requests as to how to setup a pop account in outlook.

The old pipe method of logging as on of your users was very time consuming. A link containing the piped login and a popup window will make this much quicker.

Link is found in CMD_SHOW_USER

This is a skin feature, and not really a directadmin feature as its just done through the skins.

It may log you out as admin, but if you logout as the user you are using, you'll get a prompt to log back in as admin.

Give proper error message when stats have not been computed new

Many people were complaining that their stats were not computed after 10 minutes of their domain being active. This is because stats are computed nightly for log files that exist. If the domain doesn't get any hits, no log will exist, and no stats will be generated. A message notifying them that this is the case will clear some confusion.

admin login using admin|user to return invalid pass if user doesn't exist fixed

If an admin/reseller tries to login to an accout using the pipe feaure, where the user doesn't exist, the password of the admin will return valid, thus it will appear as though the user's files (which don't exist) are corrupted... an error message that the user's files need to be repaired will show up. This is a fix to make the password fail if the user doesn't exist.

Ability to log out, and stay logged out. fixed

A bug that prevented a cookie from being correctly read prevented a user from logging out. Fixed.

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