Version 1.63.9

Released: 2022-04-19

Email migrations with IMAPSync tool (PRO PACK) evolution new

E-Mail Management section now has support for imapsync tool if it is installed on the server.

This tool allows copying all emails between two mail-boxes.

Tool can be installed on the server using CustomBuild script:

/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build imapsync

Once tools is installed it will be available for all users having access to email. It is available in Evolution at User level E-Mail Manager -> IMAPSync Migrations.

Live API endpoints documentation evolution new

Starting this release Evolution skin has a built-in new DirectAdmin server API documentation page. It allows to explore API and execute requests directly. It is available in user level at Support & Help -> Live API Documentation.

Documentation is available in Swagger format and can be loaded directly from the DirectAdmin server sending request to GET /docs/swagger.json. This allows documentation to also be explored with any external tools that supports swagger.

This new swagger documentation does not cover original DirectAdmin APIopen in new window with request to /CMD_.... It is a new REST-full JSON-only API that covers recently added DirectAdmin features. Our long term goal is to extend this API to cover all DirectAdmin functionality to be a suitable replacement for the legacy CMD_... API. We do not provide any API stability guarantees yet, this is an early preview.

Command alias 'da' for DirectAdmin CLI access new

Starting 1.63.9 DirectAdmin automatically creates symlink:

/usr/local/bin/da -> /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin

Directory /usr/local/bin is present in PATH environment variable on most systems. This allows DirectAdmin CLI commands to be executed without specifying full path to the DirectAdmin binary.

Example usage:

# da version
Version: DirectAdmin v.1.63.9
# da config | grep autoupdate

Site load speed improvements for Evolution skin evolution improved

API endpoints used by Evolution to load main user data after log-in or full refresh was refactored. This will reduce data usage and increase skin loading speed. Only a handful of live data (compared to old API) will be periodically polled from the server.

Auto detect main admin account in CLI command admin-backup improved

In previous versions running CLI command directadmin admin-backup always expect that the backup will be owned by user account with name admin.

Systems where default admin account has a different name were not able to create backups using CLI command.

This release upgrade backuping command to automatically detect main admin account name.

Add missing attributes for creating Java application in Nginx unit improved

For nginx unit Java application creation, webapp and classpath attributes were considered always invalid, causing failiures when trying to create an application.

This Release fixes the issues regarding Java application creation.

Add missing php.ini locations for PHP 8.0 and 8.1 to File Editor improved

File Editor was missing php.ini files for PHP 8.0 and 8.1. Paths have been added to the default list of locations.

Fix CLI command admin-backup to support backuping all users fixed

Command directadmin admin-backup should backup all users if argument --user is absent. In previous versions this argument were marked as mandatory effectively disabling ability to backup all the users a once.

This release fixes the issue and restores old behaviour - not specifying user list backups all users.

Links to preview most recent messages from Evolution would sometimes fail because of malformed message ID. This release fixed the issue. The issue were present only in systems having 3 or less messages.

Fix to work properly with domaindir option fixed

domaindir option was broken in latest releases of DirectAdmin, because it was taking domain name, instead of the username as the argument for the function. It has been fixed to work properly now.

Fix PHP openbase dir setting change wiping-out subdomains list fixed

Changing PHP openbasedir settings used to result truncating list of subdomains. This release fixes the bug.

Fix IPv6 prefix validation in IP add section evolution fixed

When adding new IPv6 address prefix validation had a bug which prevented IP from being added in Evolution skin. This bug is fixed now.

Removed support for CMD_JSON_OPTIONS command removed

Command CMD_JSON_OPTIONS is no longer available. It was used by Evolution to save user skin options like date format, table density, etc.

It is replaced by the new set of /api/skin-options/... API endpoints.

Removed 'Compiled on ...' field from 'directadmin info' output removed

Starting this version command directadmin info or directadmin o will not show lines:

  • Compiled on '..'
  • Compiled with IPv6
  • Static binary: yes

All recent builds were IPv6 enabled and build as static (almost) binaries, so these two lines were constants that were removed from the output.

Line 'Compiled on' is no longer relevant because we switched to OS slug field for identifying DA builds.

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