Version 1.19.2

Released: 2003-08-22

Mysql Indexes privilege added new

Added Indexes privilege to new mysql users.


have to add another dropdown list to user/db/user_priv.html

<tr><td class=list align=right>Index</td><td class=list>|INDEX|</td></tr>

Forwarder to allow :fail: and :blackhole: new

If someone want to specifically disable on email account, then can now use the following values when creating a forwarder to filter out all email to the address:



Ability to specify the logout page for DirectAdmin new

When a user used to logout, they would see the default DirectAdmin login page. If the form value LOGOUT_URL is passed in when the user logs in, they will be taken to that page when the logout.

Nightly check to ensure that the webalizer.conf file does not exist. new

If the /etc/webalizer.conf file exists, webalizer will use the webalizer.hist and webalizer.current files from the conf file, so all domains will be sharing the old data, which will cause the domain stats to show data from different domains.

The nighly check will just make sure that the file isn't there.

Changing the servername in DirectAdmin will now change the server's hostname automatically new

The server's hostname will now be changed whenever the "server name" value is changed in the admin settings. Since they are usually the same value, there was no reason not to do this. This will save time by not requiring the admin to login as root to run the script (which also has has some intelligence improvements).

Changed email in dns zone new

For all new zones, and any being modified, the root email that will be used will be checked to ensure that it's not an email using a nameserver. For example will be changed to

Some valid email names were being rejected. fixed

A small error in the method used to verify the validify of email address caused DirectAdmin to claim that an email address with an underscore contained invalid characters. Fix for this release.

Email filters not filtering "email that contains word" when word is in message body fixed

Added $message_body to $header_subject and $header_body as the search variables for email filtering.

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