Version 1.44.2

Released: 2013-12-26


Uses the standard command:


Method: GET or POST

Show dnssec data for a given zone:

Returns encoded url array:

DLV = #the 2 raw DLV records from the zone, including a newline
DS = #the 2 raw DS records from the zone, including a newline
expiry = 1389449842
ksk_activate = Tue Nov 12 04:29:26 2013
ksk_created = Tue Nov 12 04:29:26 2013
ksk_id = 26236
ksk_publish = Tue Nov 12 04:29:26 2013
ksk_type = key-signing
signed_on = 1386407843
zsk_activate = Tue Nov 12 04:29:26 2013
zsk_created = Tue Nov 12 04:29:26 2013
zsk_id = 2721
zsk_publish = Tue Nov 12 04:29:26 2013
zsk_type = zone-signing

Generate Keys:


Sign Zone:


You must generate the keys before signing the zone.

Default mailing list max message size new

The previous hardcoded default max majordomo list message size was 40,000 bytes.

This could be changed by editing the settings, most Users never found the option to do so.

Default changed to 100,000 bytes, but also has a directadmin.conf option.

The internal default is:


to change this value, add it to your directadmin.conf and restart DA.

Random password for mailing list new

The default password for a mailing list is not random.

This change will set a random password as the default password.

Majordomo will use this password to approve messages or to manage the list.

backup monitor may cause dataskq segfault fixed

It was reported and confirmed that on a CloudLinux server, the backup tracker will cause a segfault due to the way the tracker file is filled (va_list issue).

If there are more reports of this issue, we may put for a quick 1.44.2.. but there has only been 1 report so far.

NOTE: it only happens if this is set (which is not the default)


The internal default is 1, so an obvious workaround is to lower the value to 1 and restart directadmin.

One symptom of the issue is that the Admin Backup/Transfer page will show each backup with a -100% completion status (it didn't start yet).

So if you see that, try the pre-release binaries and let us know if that fixes it (the more reports we get, the better information we'll have to decide if this requires a new version push or not)

To get rid of the broken -100 PID data paths, delete those PID number folders from this directory:


sync dnssec zones with MSS after signing fixed

When the "Sign" button is pressed for a zone, the zone data should also be synced to remote dns serves with the MSS.

In 1.44.1, the data is signed, and not synced.

Workaround: Click "Delete Selected" without selecting any records.

This will trigger a rewrite and sync the zone. not being called fixed

Bug added in 1.44.1 which prevented the from being called.

Related thread:

backup tracker not reverting to old permission fixed

The backup tracker adds entries into a log as "diradmin".

The bug was that the tracker function didn't correctly restoring the running permission upon the function's return.

This caused calls to other function after it to potentially have the incorrect running permission.

One example was the User Level backups, where the post-backup removal of the "backup" directory was not being removed.


SESSION_SELECTED_DOMAIN not being set fixed

Report where SESSION_SELECTED_DOMAIN isn't being set upon the first load of a ? page.

Until show_domain.html is reloaded, it's showing a different domain (assuming User account has multiple domains) sets task_queue_processes to 600 fixed

Bug in the where the new task_queue_processes directory isn't set.

Fix, add the following to the

In the set_admin_perm function, add:

set_file $DIR/task_queue_processes diradmin diradmin 700

You won't need to reset the permission.

DA will check for 600 for each run and set it to 700 automatically.

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