Version 1.38.1

Released: 2011-04-09

More logs to log viewer new

Admin Level -> Log Viewer

will now have more logs.

This is done by adding new entries to the logs.list template.

Some logs do not exist on all OS's so we've also changed the code, so that if a log does not exist, it will not show up in drop-down list.

daupdate script supports Location redirects new

As the number of DirectAdmin server grows, our releases of DA cause strain on our main download server when cron-updates update hundreds of servers at once.

The daupdate script will now accept a 3rd option called "redirect=ok" (in addition to the uid and lid values).

If the load of our main server rises beyond a certain point, any daupdate calls that support redirection (they would have passed redirect=ok) will receive an http Location redirection.

Directadmin 1.38.1 and newer will pass redirect=ok by default for it's internal update mechanism.

This means that this feature won't actually be used until you already have 1.38.1 an will be updating to a newer version of DA.

Again, we only uses the redirection when our server detects that it's under stress, and only if the client supports it (by passing redirect=ok)

Most download scripts like wget already support Location redirects, so any automated scripts you may have in place would be unaffected.

custombuild updates of DirectAdmin use the task.queue, which will use the internal update mechanism, thus redirect=ok applies.

FreeBSD: IPv6 binaries on OS that doesn\'t support it fixed

Related to:

DA will listen on all IP families: IPv4 and IPv6 (Important: FreeBSD)

The id=1168 change made several checks to ensure the OS supported IPv6.

If not, it falls back and uses the IPv4 socket connection method.

The way it did this was to check errno for EINVAL and EAFNOSUPPORT, as described in the man pages for socket.

However on FreeBSD the same code is actually: EPROTONOSUPPORT

I added this errno code to the check of exceptions (for IPv4 fallback) and the binaries then worked.

For anyone who wishes to grab these binaries not (March 23rd), you can do so from the pre-release download link in your clients section (

You can alternatively add:


to your directadmin.conf, which would essentially accomplish the same thing.

Connection: close breaks ssl_redirect_host Location redirect with IE fixed

For whatever reason, IE does not like the "Connectin: close" header when DA sends the Location redirect when an http call is made on the https connection.

DA is sending the correct header, but IE refuses to redirect with the option present. I'm not sure if this is an IE bug, or if there is some RFC that state a "connection: close" response is not allowed with a Location redirect, but after removing it, IE works fine. It was also tested as the laster header shown, but made no difference.. IE refused to redirect. It could also be something mystical since the whole idea of returning an http response on an https connection is "wrong" in the first place, so they may not be any RFCs for this case.

Set /etc/virtual/limit_unknown to 0 by default fixed

Relating to this issue:

Since the sender-verify is likely using the lookuphost, and triggering counts against "unknown", we will set an unlimited value for the unknown case until more information is known.

The value 0 will be set into the file /etc/virtual/limit_unknown when you update DA if that file does not exist. If it does, then the update will not touch it.

As well, new installs will default to set this to 0.

/var/log/proftpd/ not freed fixed

The lock on /var/log/proftpd/ during the tally is not freed. This can cause ftp bytes log not to be properly parsed/rotated.

Disk usage warning email not delivered if bandwidth limit is unlimited fixed

The warning email that goes out for Users for bandwidth over 80%, or disk usage over 95% was only being sent out if the bandwidth limit was not unlimited.

For bandwidth, this is correct, since an unlimited bandwidth limit will never trigger a warning based on bandwidth.

However, the bug comes in since the check still needs to be done on the disk usage, even if the bandwidth is unlimited.

Updated the initial check to check for the case that either of the bandwidth or quotas are not unlimited, then proceed to check both.

Custombuild MySQL backups directory to be chmod 700 fixed

Security related issue with the mysql_backups directory in custombuild folder.

Custombuild folder will now be set to 700 for created backups.

Thanks to Pouya Daneshmand for reporting the issue.

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