Version 1.63.8

Released: 2022-03-16

WordPress Manager (PRO PACK) new

This release includes a WordPress Manager feature. It allows quickli installing WordPress to any domain or sub-doman from the DirectAdmin web interface.

This WordPress Manager supports the following features:

  • Install WordPress to any domain or sub-domain.
  • Reconfigure WordPress database configuration.
  • Change/reset password for any WordPress user account.
  • Quick overview of exiting WordPress installations and versions.
  • Uninstall WordPress.

More details in the WordPress Manager feature documentation.

Removal of license.key file updates new

Starting this release DA no longer periodically re-downloads license.key file. The file is only used to extract license key (LK).

We also introduce new license key (LK) file format where the contents of the file are just license-key from the client are stored in plain text.

This means that is now effectively reduced to:

echo {license-key} > /usr/local/directadmin/conf/license.key
chmod 600 /usr/local/directadmin/conf/license.key

There should be no need to ever update license-file or call script after DA installation unless server is being reconfigured to use a new license-key.

Introduction of new access log file new

A new access log file is introduced for the DirectAdmin service, located at /var/log/directadmin/access.log. It is an upgraded version of /var/log/directadmin/YYYY-MM-DD.log access logs which includes extra data and previously hidden requests. Older YYYY-MM-DD.log logs will be deprecated in favor of access.log with upcoming updates.

New access.log format:

[time in RFC3339] [processing time in sec] [method] [path] [referer/origin] [auth user] [auth type] [auth id]


2022-01-01T00:00:00Z 0.007 GET /CMD_EMAIL_LOG admin session-native -

Note that for the time being, new access.log is not fully compatible with some authentication methods, making some requests get logged without auth data. Full compatibility is ensured to arrive over time with upcoming updates.

Option to not notify the creator on User suspension new

New internal directadmin.conf setting:


which can be set to:

/usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set notify_creator_on_suspend 0

to disable the Message System notices to the creator of that account. Notices are only sent out for human triggered suspensions. The automated tally for over-usage will always notify the creator.

Option to change default Automatic/Admin SSL state: wildcard/dns-01 vs multi-host/http-01 new

New internal directadmin.conf setting:


which can be set to:

/usr/local/directadmin/directadmin set admin_ssl_default_wildcard 0

if you wish for all new hosts to use web-based certificate verification rather than dns. Note that with the 1 value, wildcard is attempted first, and will still fallback to http-01 if the dns fails. If you know you'll not be using dns, then setting it to 0 should speed up the request process.

NGINX Unit: now included in packages and settings for Resellers and Users evolution new

In all user.conf, reseller.conf, and User/Reseller packages, a new default value:


will be interpreted if Nginx Unit is enabled on this box. All custom skins should update to include the variables else passing the blank/missing nginx_unit=ON checkbox will result in the setting being turned OFF for that state change.

Updated and scripts improved

These scripts are updated to work on servers having older curl than v7.43.

Migration code is also update to no longer require user access to the data/templates/default directory. This allows migration scripts to work fine in CageFS restricted environments.

New license validation feature evolution improved

Evolution skin now have a new method of checking if DirectAdmin is running with a valid license.

It works by contacting our licensing servers and getting information about this DirectAdmin instance. This is a replacement for old IP based license validation feature.

Licensing and Update page split evolution improved

Licensing/Updates page is now split into two pages.

Warning: If Admin is using customized skin it is needed to add menu route entry in "Customize evolution skin -> Menu: Admin" tab under "Support & Help" with these values:

Route: /admin/updates Name: Updates Icon: updates

Help link:

QR Code for 2-Factor-Authentication evolution improved

Two-Factor Authentication used deprecated google service for rendering QR code, thereby creating additional external dependency and sending sensiful information in plain text to google.

This release changes the way QR code generated: no external services used and Evolution rendering QR code by itself.

Ability to set suspend details for 'suspend' case fixed

Relating to F2606, the feature has been extended beyond "dosuspend" to now also include "suspend" for the allowing of the "details" for the reason of the suspension.

Fixed email address matching in email tracking report to be case insensitive fixed

Mixed case exim log entries were not displayed correctly in the E-mail Tracking report.

This release fixes it by grouping email address log entries in a case-insensitive way.

Fixed brute-force monitor not blocking continuous failed log-ins fixed

Brute-force monitor were not blocking failed login attempts on systems where file data/admin/ip_whitelist was not present. Showing the following errors in the logs:

Jan 01 00:00:00 directadmin[1]: 2022/01/01 00:00:00 error unable to add failed login ip attempt error=open /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_whitelist: no such file or directory

This release fixes the brute-force monitor implementation to ignore missing file.

php-fpm Global CUSTOM2 token not being loaded fixed

For custom php-fpmXX.conf templates, the custom path:


this file was not being loaded, preventing the |CUSTOM2| token from being filled on a global scope for all Users.

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