Version 1.17.1

Released: 2003-08-01

Ability to create forwarder ontop of system pop account. new

Some users wante the ability to create a forwarder overtop of their system pop account. Remove the check that prevented them from doing this. Also added the ability to set the forwarding email to just "username", as if they want to ever get system mail again, they would have to specify just "username", as "" would cause an infinite loop.

creator|user login system changes new

When logging in as one of your users, you no longer have to provide your password, as its already stored in the session. When you log out of your user's panel, you'll be directed straight back to your user list.

SKINS: reseller/show_user.html

removed the password field, as it's no longer required. It will still function if the password field is there, but the correct password will have to be entered.

Sessions now encrypt passwords with base64. new

The session file store the password of the current user who is logged in. The password was stored as raw text. The password is now encoded using base64, which will slow down any hacking attempts by not allowing the password to be read as easily.

CMD_API_ Functions for packages new





are the new api commands used to list all packages, and to list a spefic package for reseller and user packages.

Suspending accounts is unable to rename /etc/virtual/domain.com_off fixed

If a user was suspended when he was deleted, some direcotries will be left behind. When a new user create a domain with the same name, when the new user is suspended, the old suspended directory will conflict. The fix removes suspended directories when users are deleted, and also handles pre-existing directories.

addip script overwrite's last ip for nic if you remove an ip before it. fixed

The addip script cound the number of times eth0: occurs in the list to figure out what device eth0:# to use next.. if you remove, for example eth0:5 from a list of 10, eth: will occur 9 time, so the script will assign the next ip to #10, which is already in use.

Upgrading a user to an owned ip didn't show his website when accessing it via the ip. fixed

Using the ip swapping tool, the ips.conf file wasn't rewritten when an ip was changed, so the default document root for the ip still went to the "shared" webpage. Fix will rewrite the ips.conf file each time an ip is swapped.

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