Version 1.20.5

Released: 2003-12-19

Cannot remove installed skins fixed

Unable to remove installed skin through the skins manager.

Workaround: go into the Filemanager and delete the /skins/sknname directory and the skin will be removed.

*** Unable to duplicate the error. Added error messages to explain possible reasons why the error might occur in the first place.

Change » to & raquo; in the skins (SKINS minor) fixed

Some people reported weird occurrences when using the » character.

Typo SubDomans -> SubDomains fixed

Typo in the stats sections.

#SubDomans -> #SubDomains

Domain Pointer doesn't change IP when the User's IP is changed. fixed

When changing a User's IP the domain pointer's IP is not changing. Fix will update the DNS record for the domain pointer when the IP is changed.

DNS doesn't like parsing ; characters fixed

DNS doesn't like parsing ; characters. It now handles comments next to the records starting with ;

Majordomo requires additional directory fixed

In response to

MAJORDOMO ABORT (mj_digest)!!

open(DIGEST, ">/etc/virtual/"): No such file or directory


cd /etc/virtual/
mkdir name-digest.archive
chown majordomo:daemon name-digest.archive
chmod 755 name-digest.archive

Fix the FreeBSD error:

There is a symbolic link in that path. The path must be a full non-linked path.

Mysql Backup feature to use higher privilege user fixed

When a Reseller uses the "login as user" feature, he's still using his own DA password. The mysql backup feature uses the login/password used to access DA to access the database... but because of the "login as feature", the password won't be the right one (will be the Resllers instead of the Users). For that reason, the mysql backup feature doesn't work when a Reseller tries to backup one of his User's databases. This will change the username/pass to do the backup to be that of higher privilege, which we know the mysql user/pass all the time, and will work for all databases. Heavy form checking will be done to prevent abuse of the hightend mysql user.

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