Version 1.13.0

Released: 2003-07-08

Include domain logs in the users quota disk usage. new

Some domains are quite active and may create very large log files. Include their their size in the total disk usage.

Changed apache logs from "common" to "combined" new

Serveral users requested a more detailed log format for webalizer so the default log format has been changed to combined which now includes the referrer and the user-agent.

Message system doesn't work if you delete your creator fixed

A User needs to ask his creator if the ticket system is enabled. If an admin creates an admin, then the new admin deleted the first admin, the 2nd admin will have no creator, and no permission to use the ticket system. Fixed to allow admins a ticket system if their creator is gone.

Filemanager times out if user has a large directory tree. fixed

Because the filemanager has a list of all directories in a drop down, large directory trees can be quite large (over a meg), just for their names. This causes the filemanager to timeout as all of that data has to be transferred before the timeout occurs.

The fix to this problem is to have a "clipboard" which a user can add files/directories to. He/she will then browse to the location they wish to move/copy the files to, and press the appropriate button. Files can be added to the clipboard from anywhere and copied/moved to one place all at once with this tool. It also saves having to transfer the entire directory tree, which can get quite large.

No tokens were added/removed for skins, but a simple description on how to use the clipboard was added to user/filemanager/main.html

Monthy reset doesn't delete previous bandwidth usage fixed

The file permissions on the bandwidth.tally file in the user's data directory is owned by root and the process that tries to remove the file only had diradmin access, thus the file was not deleted and previous bandwidth usages are carried over. Fixed for 1.13.

Fix to correct the bandwidth:

edit the bandwidth.tally file for each user and remove the lines at the beginning of the file until the number of lines left equals the current day. The first one should be 0.000000 when you are done.

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