Version 1.20.2

Released: 2003-11-21

Page number at the bottom of tables as well as the top new

Page number at the bottom of tables as well as the top to speed up finding things. Only on pages that usually have a lot of data like show users, show emails etc...

Ability to specify the "From" header for new-account emails new

Ability to specify the "From" header for new-account emails

The setting will be located in:

User Panel -> Account Info / Stats

Allow email piping new

Allow a forwarder like:

"|/some/command -o option ..."

Virtual Email API for passwords and listing. new

API for virtual email accounts. List and change passwords.

Email Users can now change their passwords without the need of a webmaster:


note, if you include the form value "api", you will get url encoded results.

if you include the form value "redirect", you will be redirected to it's value upon the successful password change.

Misc api functions for DA Users




creates an email account


delete an email account

they return standard api results (error=1&text=some text&details=more text)

Feature can be disabled with:


in the directadmin.conf, in DA 1.41.0.

#documentation added June 24, 2014

To suspend an account:


Domain Pointers now support Email Aliases new

If you have a domain pointer: ->

now when the pointer is created, it will create the required setup to forward email from: ->

The way it works isn't forwarding at all, but using symlinks, exim sees all the alias and passwd data from through a symbolic link This makes it very easy to add email aliases.

/etc/virtual/ ->

/var/spool/virtual/ ->

Tar goes into an infinite loop if the destination directory is deleted. fixed

When backing up the apache logs, DirectAdmin calls "tar czf .. " to compress the apache logs. If the destination folder doesn't exist (/home/username/domains/ tar goes into an infinite loop and eats up the cpu's resources. This fix will do a check to make sure the directory exists.

Allow SSL chained certificates fixed

Allow SSL chains with more than 1 certificate.

Table sorting and advanced search with page numbers fixed

Fix table sorting with page numbers. Also bolded the current sorted column

SKIN javascript bug for SSL certificates fixed



change document.all to


function setRequest(onoff)
    if (document.all)
        with (


function setRequest(onoff)
    if (
        with (

Add /etc/virtual to open_base_dir fixed

Added /etc/virtual to the open_base_dir for the php settings in the virtual_host*.conf templates. Required so that UebiMiau can check the /etc/virtual/domainowners file.

Mailing list can't delete email because of special characters fixed

Some browsers dont' like the special html characters and are sending them as the characters, not the actual email value. Fix will not use special characters for the selected value, on the displayed value.

This is a result of the open_base_dir recently added. This will allow /config to redirect to the server

Change proftpd to reread instead of reload fixed

Change proftpd to reread instead of reload so people don't get disconnected.

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