Version 1.57.5

Released: 2019-07-10

User creation issue on CentOS 5 fixed

Bug introduced with recent changes, likely a stdin timing issue, only seems to affect CentOS 5 (which is EOL, by the way).

Changed to < pipe to stdin instead.


FreeBSD 12: OpenLiteSpeed binary shows as "openlitespeed" instead of "litespeed" fixed

Linux vs FreeBSD have some binary discovering differences.

In this particular case, while linux shows OLS running as "litespeed", FreeBSD appears to show it has "openlitespeed".

Likely variances in showing a symlink or something along those lines.

This fix is only for FreeBSD versions, and if "litespeed" is not seen, it tries to hunt down which one is running.

If none are found, then it reverts to "openliespeed" to give the best change of finding it.

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