Version 1.18.1

Released: 2003-08-11

Made a few additions to the vhost templates new


Options +Includes -Indexes

"+Includes" will ensure that ssi is enabled, and -Indexes will prevent the browsing of directories, as was requested by a few users.

CNAME field added to skins. new

Change the domain from a hidden value to a text value so that users can specify their own cname values.


admin/dns_admin_control.html - changed CNAME value from hidden to text

user/dns_control - changed CNAME value from hidden to text

Majordomo lists: Unable to unsubscribe via email. fixed

The file permissions on the lists did not match those of other files for the list, so majordomo gave up on trying to remove the user. The permissions will be correct with this bugfix and will take effect after manually adding or removing 1 email through DirectAdmin. After the file has been written with the proper permissions, this will not have to be done again. Unsubscribe via email should work.

Mysql strong passwords fixed

Mysql passwords with special characters wern't being allowed for mysql passwords. Fixed to allow them.

Mysql SHOW DATABASES showed all other user databases. fixed

With the older version of the mysql 3 tables in the mysql 4 program, all databases will be visible via SHOW DATABASES for all users. The fix will prevent other users from seeing the databases for other users using SHOW DATABASES through mysql. This will also apply to phpMyAdmin.

PhpMyAdmin url fix for macs fixed

Some mac browsers were getting strange results when using phpMyAdmin. The value ":80:80" was being added to the end of urls. The fix removes all ports, as all browsers will use 80 by default.

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