Version 1.12.0

Released: 2003-06-30

Convert any upper case letters in emails to lower case. new

Some people were confused as to why their email accounts were not accepted to be created. Upper case letters are deemed invalid, so this will convert them to lowercase automatically without complaining.

Changed the login system from http auth to session based logins new

When you first login, it will notice you don't a sessions cookie, so it will send you to a login form which is an actual webpage (hard coded right now)... no more http auth is required. Your session will be stored for one hour after your last access, at which time you will be prompted with the login screen again. To logout within that hour, you click the logout button, or close all browsers.

As for http auth, it will still work for the api people. Rules for which one is used is as follows:

If the sessions cookie is sent, a session is required.

If the http authentication is sent, http auth is used

If neither is sent, the sessions login page will be displayed.

Login forms are passed to:


Apache graceful restarts not working on some systems. fixed

removed graceful apache restarts and replaced them with reload.

Workaround until this release:



change the following code: (near the bottom)

        $apachectl $@


        $apachectl $@

Support for Opera, and other browsers fixed

The headers for some browsers were slightly different, changed the code to accommodate. Known browers it fixes: opera, internet explorer for mac, there may be more, but most of them already worked.

Changed a <Directory> path in the main httpd.conf fixed

The <Directory /home/*/public_html> wasn't actually covering the /home/user/domains/ directory

Changed to:

<Directory /home/*>

which will allow the directive to cover everything.

As requested, default upload permission are now 755 instead of 600 fixed

For security reasons, the default permissions were set to 600, but since 90% of all files being uploaded were public files, 755 will be used.

DirectAdmin with SSL fixed

When using directadmin with ssl, a "server not found" error would often appear. This is because directadmin was using a location redirect with http instead of https.

SSL certificate generation bug fixed

Some servers don't have a $HOME environmental variable, which caused the following error when trying to create a certificate:

error:0E065068:configuration file routines:STR_COPY

The $HOME directory has been replaced with /tmp as its just used for a temp .rnd file for the certificate.

Frontpage didn't have formmail by default fixed

When the extension are enabled for a domain, the default is to not have the mailing feature enabled. Activating frontpage will now add the relevant data to the domain's cnf file.

Server not found error fixed

A previous "bugfix" to handle broken pipes proved to be more of a problem.

the fix from:

Handles Broken Pipes

was causing the "server not found" error after uploading large amounts of data using POST (or GET). A simple "ignore broken pipes" fixed the issue.

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