Version 1.34.4

Released: 2009-11-19

Moved PassivePorts option to Global section of proftpd.conf new

Removed the option:

PassivePorts            32500 33999

from the proftpd.vhosts.conf template, and put it into the <Global> section of the proftpd.conf template. Will not affect existing proftpd.conf files.

added number of replies to CMD_API_TICKET new

added number of replies to CMD_API_TICKET for each ticket. It's been added to the url encoded array as "replies=3", (eg).

Unify output for invalid users for CMD_LOST_PASSWORD fixed

Changed the text to always show:

If the username entered is correct, you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

no matter what value was entered, correct or not.

Note that if you're having problems with the lost password tool, the previous descriptive messages can be seen in your /var/log/directadmin/error.log, or by running DA in debug level 100 or higher.

Security issue with stats folder fixed

Improve permission checking on the webalizer stats folder to ensure the stats folder is safe before processing the webalizer stats and saving data to it. Warning messages will be sent to Admins if permissions are deemed suspicious.

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