Version 1.20.6

Released: 2004-01-14

Drop the minimum username length to 3 new

Drop the minimum username length to 3

Ability to update installed skins by just using the same name and uploading. new

With the contstant evolution of DA and skins, this feature will allow a skin to be overwritten without having to either remove it, or using a shell. Just upload the new skin package with the same name as before, and the skin will be updated.

Allow underscores and periods in the skin names new

Allow _ - [] and . as valid characters in skin names. Must not start with a period.

Add email quotas to backup and create Domains if they don't exist. new

Add the /etc/virtual/ to the backup/restore for email accounts.

Also, it creates the domain for the user if it doesn't exist. This will speed things up for site transfers.

Directory Permission changes new

/home : 711

/home//domains/ : group apache : 710

/home/*/domain/default : 755 (so new accounts can still copy the data as themselves)

upon domain creation, an .htaccess file will be inserted into the cgi-bin with:

Options -Indexes

in the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf:

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi .pl

will be placed just before <IfModule mod_userdir.c> because the handler wasn't being activated for ~username. (does exist later on in the file)

Ability to remove the domain from the /etc/virtual/domiains file for external MX hosting (SKINS) new

Adding ability to enable/disable the use of the mail system for the domain by checking/unchecking the feature from the MX records page.



<form action='/CMD_DNS_MX' method='POST'>
<input type=hidden name=action value="internal">
<input type=hidden name=domain value="|DOMAIN|">
<tr><td class=listtitle colspan=4>Local Mail Server</td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=center><input type=checkbox name=internal value="yes" |LOCAL_CHECKED|></td>
<td class=list colspan=2>Use this server to handle my emails.<br>If not, change the MX record and uncheck this option</td>
<td class=list><input type=submit value="Save"></td></tr>

spaces in filenames new

Allow spaces in filenames through filemanager and file uploading.

Backup mysql settings and passwords along with databases. new

The databases/db users will created/restored with backups as well (without any password issues: resellers can backup/restore using the "login as user" feature).

All settings passwords will be saved/restored and anyone can do it, because a temporary password is assigned for the restore, and then the crypted pass is inserted into the mysql.user table after the database is in.

Checkbox for mass emailer instead of mass messager new

Ability for Admin/Resellers to email their clients instead of using the message system. Will be shown in the "Show All Users/Resellers/Admins" screen from Admins, and "List / Modify Users" for Resellers.

Added characters for package names new

Ability to use more characters in package names:

space, ä, ö, é etc.

the specific additional characters are:

('Ç'<=ch && ch<='ù') || ('Ö'<=ch && ch<='£') || ('á'<=ch && ch<='Ñ') || ch=='ß')

see for the ordering

Template for message system emails new

Add a template for message system emails. The old format doesn't allow any flexibility with the messages. Now, all automated message templates can be edited.





Environment info for skin scripts (SKINS scripts) new

When scripts are run from the skins using:

echo "Hello world!";
echo "Document root is: ".getenv("DOCUMENT_ROOT");

Environental variables are now passed to the script:


DOCUMENT_ROOT => /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/power_user
HOME => /home/bob
HTTP_COOKIE => session=8PsUXGwbUianBnK4RVeY2gX5iE9t566DSy70Ec9gI72Usm4JF778dfgKfZZmSerWqJ; 
QUERY_STRING => value=1&color=yes (this is "GET")
POST => name=bob&age=12
REQUEST_URI => /HTM_INDEX_USER?value=1&color=yes
SCRIPT_FILENAME => /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/power_user/user/content_main.html
USER => bob

admin can't change is own user data (ns values only) fixed

Admin can't change his own user data because his request is overwriting the change. This only affected the nameservers, all other settings were saved.

Make the link to phpMyAdmin secure when DirectAdmin is secure. Added a token for all pages called |HTTP| .. which will store either "http" or "https" depending on the connection type of DA. links for external programs such as phpMyAdmin, webmail, and squirrelmail will use this token.

forwarder restore doesn't allow anything but a single email address fixed

When restoring a forwarder, the name and value of the forwarder are chcked. The restore is only allowing a single "user" for the name, and an email for the value. Since the evolution of DA, (allow diffent values for the forwarders), the restore wasn't update to allow the new types of forwarders.

File Uploader only renames uploaded files fixed

Instead of just renaming uploaded file, it will to an actual file copy then remove the original file. This is more inefficient, but when /home/tmp is on a different partition, the file uploader can't rename files to a users home directory.

possible error with mysql database downloader fixed

unable to duplicate on build system.. unable to determine problem. Changed permissions of running process during the mysql dump to see if that is the cause.

Delete domain pointers when domain is removed. fixed

Symbolic links are using for domain pointers, but when a domain is removed, the pointers are not.

Ensure user exists before writing ips.conf fixed

DirectAdmin will check the existence of the owner of the IP before writing the VirtualHost to the ips.conf file. If the user has manually modified the /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ips/ file, and then the user is deleted without removing their manual changes to the file, DA will ensure that an invalid user isn't used. If you don't go manually changing files, you should be affect by this 😃

add www.sub to dns records for subdomains fixed

when a subdomain is created, create the www.sub dns record as well as the sub record so that works.

"Send a Message" to selected users (SKINS token) fixed

The "USERLIST" token was being overidden by the number of mailing lists the user had. Changed the mailing list count to USERMLIST and USERMLISTMAX ..etc.

The user/ticket/create_multiple.html file should remain unchanged, but if you used the "USERLIMIT" for the number of email mailing lists, it will need to be changed.

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