Version 1.59.1

Released: 2019-09-24

Custom hooks:, new

Calls to CMD_SITE_BACKUP / CMD_API_SITE_BACKUP will now have their own hook:




Any non-zero exit code will echo any output to the GUI, and abort whatever the action was.

Note, this is also called for the default GET to show the backup page, so ensure you're checking the method and action accordingly.

ENV variables:

All variables that were passed via GET or POST will be included in the request.

DA will also set:

username=fred    #name that is logged in who called the CMD

to the included variables.



Option to not save to backup.conf when creating a backup new

By default, when you create an Admin Level or Reseller Level backup, the values passed get saved to the backup.conf file.

This optional value can be included when creating a backup:


where, if passed, it will skip the write, preserving the data that was previously there.

The is mainly useful if you have an API call that needs to create a backup, but don't want your settings/values to be left-over in the backup.conf.


Plugins: Include global tokens in hooks new

Previously, only a small list of tokens were available to the plugin hooks, eg: user_txt.html

This change adds the entire global token list to the hooks for tokenizing.

The global list is added first, before the previous values, so you won't be able to override the previous values.

Wrong search column for domain at Reseller Level (SKINS) fixed

The Enhanced/power_user skins refer to a hardcoded column 7 for their domain searches.

With the addition of the "Package" column, the Domains column has been bumped to column 8.





any reference to value7 or sort1=7 would be swapped to 8.

SNI:2222 to use cacert fixed

Ensure the SNI CTX instances were using the correct cacert/chain.

Browsers were not showing any ssl issues, but the php fsockopen calls were a bit more picky.

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